Too Good To Be True Opportunity

The Stryde/GMG Offer

Because  it seems "Too Good To Be True"  because no one else is offering you all  these programs in one company, Stryde/GMG offers the following:

  • No upfront costs, we work on contingency
  • We do feasibility studies on our dime. If we cant save you money, you don't owe us anything.
  • We  save businesses an average of $250,000, some in 30 days, some in 60  days, some in 90 days and ongoing because business expenses never go  away and always seem to increase!
  • We  start with startup credits and we end with business sale and exit  strategy for you. Then start the cycle all over again with the new  owner!

Who Does What

We do all the work, We do NOT change vendors. We do NOT disrupt your relationships.  We also invent our own business cost savings and specialized financial programs for business expansion and exit strategies. We also write proprietary software for fast on-boarding, client support and viral client acquisition programs

We Work With Your Tax Folks

We consult with your tax professionals who use the IRS defensible OUTPUT of our work to provide the financial value to you. Because our work is ENGINEERING BASED, tax professionals need our support to implement this for you.

US Government Thanks You

We strive for a win for you, a win for your tax team, a win for us and a win for the US government. The government provides specialized tax incentives for successful businesses, but you need to have specific tax and legal expertise to collect funds. 

Our simple process

We have 13000 field agents and 500 home office experts. I meet with you  for 20 minutes with an interactive presentation tool and provide you  with an estimate of what we can do for you. We then set up a call with  our home office to understand your business profile, look for other  opportunities to bring your more money and kick off projects to bring  the cashback or tax credits. 

Savings Calculator